• Conversations that Matter

  • At Main Street Communications we understand that you have big ideas. There are conversations that matter to you, your business or organization, and your community. We help make those conversations happen. And more than that, nothing makes us happier than seeing your big ideas turn into concrete plans, goals, and action steps.

    We get you, and we get your ideas off the ground. 

    About Us

  • Strategy & Planning

    We’ll get you and your business from inspiration, to concept, to concrete plan. Our specialty is strategy, and we have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yummy. 

  • Implementation Support

    We help you take your big ideas and get them off the ground, offering implementation support for strategic plans, communications initiatives and digital and social tactics. 

  • Capacity Building

    We work with your people, building relationships of trust and collaboration, so your team is stronger, better and more effective. 

  • Creating conversations that matter.

    We provide clients with strategic business, political and market analysis, communications planning and campaign support, community relations planning, public consultation planning, meeting facilitation, face-to-face stakeholder relations, digital media strategies, document and collateral development including graphic design, evaluation and tracking and reporting and support for public opinion research. 

    We’ve been in business for 21 years, so we’ve been around the block (in fact, we probably helped city hall plan the block). We’ve become a mentorship business - one where people who work with us can grow, learn and develop personal and professional leadership.