• Did you know that Facebook posts get far more engagement when you are sharing a photo than any other type of post? Ever wonder why Pinterest is so popular?

    People love eye candy, or at least something to look at when they are online. Who wants to read a whole bunch of text? A picture says a thousand words, and it is so much more engaging. It requires less “work” than reading text, clicking on and watching a video, or clicking on a link a read more on another page. A picture can say so much and yet be so simple.

    The explosion of Pinterest is a great example of this. Who doesn’t want to look at beautiful pictures of things they love? (Sometimes for hours – you know you’ve done it!) And when each photo has a link to more information about it, whether it’s a recipe, a how-to, or a page where you can order it, it just makes looking that much more fun.

    Watch for our column in the Times later this week, and our workshop at the Chamber of Commerce Serving Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows. We’ll be talking about using Pinterest for Business and ways you can give your clients and followers a picture of what you are all about!

    In the meantime, do you have questions or comments about visual social media? What kinds of visuals have you shared in the past?