• Cats Against Facebook Zero You may have heard this new term that’s emerged: “Facebook Zero”.  Facebook Zero refers to a state on the social media behemoth where you have zero organic reach for pages.  This has been the trend in recent Facebook algorithm changes and now Facebook has rolled out yet another change that will affect the way your page reaches it’s target audience.

    The new changes will affect the way your page content gets delivered and seen by users not already vastly engaged with your content.  It used to be that “likes” on posts were one of the defining factor of how popular your posts were and how much action you got.  That has not been the case for awhile now so businesses have been scrambling to find new ways to engage their customers and get their content to a wider audience.

    Facebook ads have become more popular but businesses were also trying to create engaging posts to garner “likes”, “comments”, and “shares”.  With the new algorithm change (fresh off the press as of this week), the new goal is shareable content. Facebook received feedback from users that they no longer want to see every time their friends are liking and commenting on Pages they are otherwise not engaged with.  The only way to increase your Pages organic reach then, is to empower and enlist your audience to share your amazing content.  When individuals share your content, it has a higher chance of appearing in a news feed. What does this mean to you?

    “This change further underlines the need for brands to move from a broadcast focus to making themselves part of the conversation. With this update, Facebook is essentially saying that their users want to use the platform to interact with friends and the content they’re individually interested in, and the only way to effectively promote your pages without moving to paid ads is to generate conversation amongst people independent of your properties. That’s obviously easier said than done, but the principle for Facebook marketing remains that you need to create great content, you need to listen to what your audience wants and is responding to, and you need to become part of those conversations in order to attract more direct interactions with individuals and ensure your brand is part of any relevant conversations.”

    “Having people speak on your brand’s behalf is the best way to ensure you’re maximising Facebook reach – this is why employee advocacy is becoming a big focus, because who better to speak on behalf of your brand than those who live it everyday? Happy, engaged, socially-empowered employees can play a big part in brand awareness”  – Social Media Today

    Is it time to give up on Facebook? Facebook still has over a billion active users, spanning a wide range of demographics.  If you use Facebook wisely and put the time and effort in to create something people love and can interact with, it is still worth it.  But, you know your company best and, if you track the results, you will best be able to determine if the return on investment is assisting or resisting your growth.

    Take-Away Tips: 1.) Engaging Content (research what works, stop doing what doesn’t, KNOW your audience) 2.) Make it Interactive (move from just broadcasting a message to finding ways to engage online and offline) 3.) Use your Superfans (enlist people who love you and what you do – employees and/or clients to tell your story, share your content)