• Three Tips for Creating Great Original Social Media Content

    July 8, 2017 | Vicki
  • I don’t know about you, but I am beginning to experience Facebook fatigue.

    I am spending less time online, and less on Facebook, specifically. I unfollow people whose posts annoy me, and seek out those whose content inspires, nourishes or entertains.

    I recently asked my Facebook community to tell me what kind of original content they are creating for social media. My question was a sneaky way to find out who is taking the time to create and post interesting, original content. Our time is precious, and I want my time online to add value to my life and business, with a bonus if it creates more positivity in the world, too.

    In polling my Facebook friends, my professional colleagues tend to produce more regular digital content, such as videos, podcasts and blogs. On the personal side, original content is mainly text and photos that capture family updates, or chronicle personal adventures or dramas.

    The thing about creating original content is it takes a lot of work. Consistency is key, especially for businesses or personal brands. You need to stick to themes that resonate with your followers, and post on a predictable schedule.

    So how do we create consistent content that is fresh and appealing?

    Here are three tips:

    1. Create evergreen content and learn to repurpose it. Evergreen content doesn’t have an expiration date, and stays relevant past the point of publication.These articles are an example. Printed first in the local newspaper, they are then published online. I post them as articles here on my LinkedIn profile, and on the business blog of my website. In future, links from these sources can be posted into Twitter or other feeds. One piece of writing lives multiple lives.
    2. Another tip is to collaborate with other content creators. Dirk Heydemannis a photographer and Kim Plumley is known as Spinny Broad, specializing in unique interviews in unique locations. They’ve teamed up and interview clients in a car, creating simple, unscripted video to promote their community, their clients, and each other.
    3. The third tip is to use what is around you. Sean Smith, founder of The Digital Hallway, consistently posts beautiful images and short text stories that promote the beauty of his community. For his professional podcasts and Facebook Live videos, he interviews expert colleagues, drawn from his extensive personal network.

    Lately, I post pictures of flowers. I also write a weekly essay, posted to Facebook Notes, where I try to capture what is beautiful and fleeting in daily life. I document everyday adventures, using the simple tools in Instagram Stories.

    I have no argument with content curation. Finding, sorting, and sharing relevant content is a good practice, but let’s focus on sharing high-quality original material.

    It is tough to generate original content, but it is a good burden to have. We are hungry for authenticity, and starved for creativity. Our newsfeeds are a place we can choose to contribute to beauty and truth, and we can do it together.

    Vicki McLeod is the author of #Untrending, A Field Guide to Social Media That Matters, a TEDx speaker, and award-winning entrepreneur. She is a business and personal coach and consultant. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or find her at www.vickimcleod.com. This column first appeared in the Maple Ridge NEWS.

    Vicki also writes long-form essays. You can find them on her blog or in the Facebook Notes section of her profile.