• The Social Chicks – tea and tech! Rebecca Vaughan, Vicki McLeod, Lori Graham.

    Back in the fall of 2011, the three of us, Vicki, Lori and Rebecca, offered our first workshop as the Social Chicks, helping businesses in the Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge area get started on Facebook and Twitter. With a passion for engagement, collaboration and building relationships both online and off, we decided to use the Social Chicks to encourage businesses, organizations – and individuals – to create and build relationships.

    We’ve noticed that along with the debut of social media, there has been a dramatic shift in the way we communicate, build community and market ourselves and our businesses. Our society is moving from a “broadcast” model to a “social” model, meaning we are engaging in dialogue, seeking feedback, and communicating with others that we may not have before. It’s collaborative, transparent, and – you might even say fun!

    So what is the benefit of “going social?” You can find tons of articles online on what the ROI is through using social media, but we think there is much more to it than that. Yes, there is some ability to create a wider awareness about your business, organization or cause in terms of marketing and PR, but consider also that you have the ability to show your personal side and put a “face” to your enterprise. That’s the piece that builds trust and familiarity not only in your customers, but the potential customers or clients who come to know you online. And once that trust is gained, you have a customer, or at least a champion who will recommend you to their friends and family. (And what better marketing could you possibly ask for?)

    Another benefit is simply making connections. Through social media, you have the opportunity to communicate with people in your own community (and trust us, if you think no one in your community is on Twitter or looking for you on Facebook – they are!) and also from all over the world. You can “meet” local businesses that are trying to do what you’re doing, find potential partnerships and alliances, new customers, and learn and share about the latest news in your industry. You’ll also make new friends. Social media allows you to get to know people before meeting them face to face, which eliminates that awkward first meeting – instead of  “so, what do you do?” it’s “it’s so great to finally meet you!”

    So welcome to our blog. We hope to share some fun things, some educational things and some opportunities to meet us face to face! We hope you’ll follow us, share your knowledge with us, and come along for the ride!

    The Social Chicks