• Wanting to learn how to share great content that will engage your audience on Facebook? How about learning to network effectively on LinkedIn to build your professional connections? The Social Chicks have invited Donna Willon of Focused Networking to join us to offer a day-long workshop on getting your business connected! Register with the Chamber of Commerce Serving Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows today!

    Here are details on the day’s events:

    Session 1—10:15am—noon
    Creating Effective Social Media Content with The Social Chicks

    Want more engagement on your Facebook page? The Social Chicks will run you through what type of content is most effective to increase engagement. The Facebook Content & Engagement session will cover:
    ·         Developing great content for Facebook
    ·         What are the elements of great content
    ·         How to add value—what is good information
    ·         How to use, photos, videos, add links
    ·         How to build  relationships online
    ·         How to network

    *This session will focus on the creative aspects of using Facebook for business rather than the technical set-up of a Facebook page.

    Session 2 —12:45pm—2:00pm
    Build Your Business Connections on LinkedIn with Donna Willon

    As a professional, how do you stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself from the millions of professional users on LinkedIn? This session will show you  how to  maximize your LinkedIn profile and company page to grow your networks. The LinkedIn session will cover:
    ·         Why Use LinkedIn
    ·         Your LinkedIn Profile – and all the components to make it exceptional
    ·         Who to invite onto LinkedIn and Why
    ·         How to build a strategic team
    ·         How to sort and manage your contacts on LinkedIn
    ·         The importance of groups – which ones to join and why
    ·         Applications to use on LinkedIn
    ·         Your Company Page on LinkedIn

    Hope to see you there!