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    Maple Ridge peep, Cadi Jordan. Skypes it in.

    Cadi Jordan self-describes as a connector who was ‘born social.’ Her clients have described her as ‘hyper-connected’. Both attributes are advantages in her current role as a social media consultant, specializing in the wellness industry.

    Jordan is a relative newcomer to Maple Ridge having relocated here from Vancouver B.C. two years ago, although she attended high school in Stave Falls, so the move was a bit of a homecoming. (We won’t say what year she attended, but if you think you went to high school together, it’s a bet you can find her on Facebook).

    She started her career as a therapist for autistic children, and subsequently worked for fifteen years in the spa and wellness industry in Whistler and Vancouver B.C.

    A serial entrepreneur, she started Jordan Consulting in 2009 as a virtual assistance company and found herself unexpectedly coordinating the 2010 ‘Unmarketing’ conference in Vancouver. The event catapulted her into the world of social media consulting.

    Given her background in the wellness trade, her segue into providing social media services for businesses such as spas, naturopaths and chiropractors, was an obvious one.

     “I’ve always loved getting to know people,” said Jordan. “My parents had to teach me stranger-danger as I’ve always been very open. Social media comes naturally.”

    She warns, though, that people should only share online what they want to share. Not everyone is comfortable with transparent nature of the medium.

    To get more comfortable with the way social media has changed the way we do business, Jordan recommends the video Socialnomics by Erik Qualman as an introduction.

    Jordan often acts as a ‘ghost’ using a variety of automation tools, and a specific system for managing social media accounts on behalf of clients. While she didn’t reveal all her secrets in our Skype interview, her forthcoming book “How to Run Your Social Like An Agency”, available this spring from Amazon, will tell-all.

    Jordan looks for personality fit as a key to choosing potential clients and adds that they must be committed. “It is really important to be dedicated to a plan, and to follow through,” she said. “Getting the staff team on board and excited about the vision is also important”, she added.

    She also noted the lack of an overall marketing strategy and a social media budget and as common challenges for the businesses she works with, along with the always-lamented lack of time.

    To help manage time, Jordan recommends Trap.it or Prismatic as content aggregators. These are tools that search and curate information on topics that you choose and rounds them up for you regularly. Says Jordan, “You can set up alerts in there to be able to share some great content specific for your business.”

    Want more Social? Get to Camp.

     Jordan will share these and other tips when she speaks at Social Media Camp in Victoria B.C. this May.  Social Media Camp has been Chick-checked. We attended the 2013 Camp and highly recommend it for social media education and resources.

     In the meantime, the Social Chicks can be found offering free monthly social media workshops for local businesses via the Invest North Fraser businessSTART program.  Next up is Facebook Basics for Business on April 3, 2014. To register, visit businessstart.ca.

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