• Julien Smith says, “Your network is absolutely everything”. I saw and heard him say this myself at Social Media Camp in Victoria earlier this month. Julien’s work focuses on adaptation and change and draws from a deep study of evolution, biomimicry and an observation of nature – that most highly evolved network of all. Needless to say, meeting him was a *fangasm*.

    He is the CEO of Breather, an on-demand space company, as well as the New York Times bestselling author of The Flinch. There were many takeaways from his closing keynote at the conference and our subsequent conversation.  Mainly, though, he emphasized the impact of change and our need for adaptation.  We will need to be not only what we want to be (or want our businesses to be) but be both that and what the environment demands. In the brave, new, highly networked digital/social environment, the demands are complex.


    Sean Smith, Vicki McLeod and Steve Dotto


    Inspired by Smith and being a little more emphatic than usual, I urged local businesses at a recent Twitter workshop to ‘adapt or die’ in regard to getting online and getting social. My aim is to encourage businesses, organizations and individuals to leverage and grow their networks, both online and offline, to create positive impact in our communities. To do this, we must adapt and embrace the new ecosystem where we find ourselves.

    For me, one of the great examples of willingness to adapt a business to respond to the environment is practically right in our own back yard.

    In a way, it feels as though I grew up alongside Steve Dotto, at least tech-wise. Like me, many of you no doubt remember Dotto’s Data Café, a national, how-to computer show that ran for 12 successful seasons until it moved from the Knowledge Network to City TV where it ran as Dotto Tech for another eight years.

    Steve’s shows helped me get comfortable with the changing world of technology and to be willing try stuff out. As my friend Sean Smith, That Social Media Guy recently posted: “Steve Dotto is a the ultimate bundle of brains, talent and humour. I was asked why his video tutorials and training are so good and my answer was simple: he’s not an educator trying to train you. He’s your buddy, showing you how something works.”

    Steve understands the challenges and potential of the online world – both intellectually and from the perspective of steering his own business and brand through the multiple adaptations required by the digital environment.

    Responding to changes in the television industry, Steve reconfigured his show to a radio format, broadcasting from AM 650 with a corresponding podcast on his website.

    He’s also produced a plethora of amazingly useful YouTube videos on topics literally from A-Z (Audacity Audio to Zapier Automation and everything in between). Recently, Steve announced the last of his on-air broadcasts with AM 650. He is moving his brand into a completely online model. Steve has built an outstanding network of fans, followers, friends and colleagues – a network that will become the source of his online success.

    In true Dotto fashion, he’s taking us along on the journey, teaching us the same how-to’s he’s used to create killer YouTube and podcast content, increase productivity using technology, and lessons learned to continually adapt to new circumstances. Steve will visit Maple Ridge on June 26 to celebrate Social Media Day and share his latest insights.

    Says Steve, “Web 2.0 and collaborative computing have changed the world and the way we do business.”Steve will open our eyes to the forces at work generating that change, and provide us with some potentially life and business-altering perspectives and strategies.

    The Social Chicks are delighted to welcome Steve Dotto, Shelly Wilson, Rebecca Coleman and an amazing panel of local peeps to Maple Ridge on June 26 for a half-day of social media and tech learning, insight and inspiration. Tickets are limited and are available here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/social-media-day-2014-tickets-6994351293 or at www.mainstreetcommunications.ca

    Social Media Day 2014 is sponsored by the Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Times, District of Maple Ridge, Dotto Tech, businessSTART North Fraser, and the Chamber of Commerce Serving Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows.