• So what’s up in the world of digital marketing and social media in 2015? Collaboration, integration and content according to presenters and organizers of two of 2015’s “do-not-miss” events, the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference (CIMC) in March, and Social Media Camp in May.

    Darian Kovacs of Jelly Marketing, CIMC organizer, points to the emergence of cross-pollination between fields. He predicts more collaboration, integration and involvement between traditional, print and digital. More interactive ads versus passive ads, resulting in more engaging websites and experiential public relations.

    “2015 will be the year metrics and data become sexy again.”

    Business Growth Strategist, Bosco Anthony concurs. Says Anthony, “Brands are going to emphasize storytelling with meaningful contextual campaigns. We are rapidly seeing content engineering evolve. Content distribution channels will be a major focus to drive engagement, reactions and conversions. Monetization paths will be discovered in the process. I am boldly predicting marketing will evolve as an integrated platform where both online and offline channels fuse. 2015 will be the year metrics and data become sexy again.”

    No argument from Maple Ridge’s Cadi Jordan who sees us getting more strategic in partnerships and thinking outside the box to share stories. She predicts people will see the value of varied content across social media platforms and an increase in content whether blogging, using video or cross-pollinating content via guest blog posts.

    Yes, says Ricky Shetty, The DaddyBlogger who foresees more brands working with bloggers as a highly effective and cost-efficient way to get the message out about products and services.

    Canadian internet marketing Conference

    “Schools will add Social Media education as part of curriculum”

    That Social Media Guy, Sean Smith predicts social media will find a place in our education system. Says Smith, “Schools will add Social Media education as part of curriculum, teaching safe use, etiquette and professional development. It may be more of a dream, but I think we are getting there.”
    Social Chick, Karina Cebuliak shares Smith’s wish. Said Cebuliak, “Kids these days know more about what’s going on online than their parents do. A supportive knowledge base for parents would be awesome.” Cebuliak adds that we’ll see more online traffic than ever. All ages will look to social media for reviews, online shopping, ideas, and connections. Websites will integrate more social media and blogs to stay current with an ever-changing market.

    Paul Holmes, co-founder of Social Media Camp predicts Twitter usage/traffic will decline year-over-year, while social media maven Rebecca Coleman, forecasts continued growth in video and social media that features beautiful images. She notes the speedy growth of Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram.

    “On and offline we’ll build relationships and expand our sphere of influence”

    Speaking of Instagram, Sue B. Zimmerman, author of Instagram Basics for Your Business, declares 2015 as the year of the collaborative community. Says Zimmerman, “On and offline we’ll build relationships and expand our sphere of influence from communities outside our own. We’ll be more relaxed about sharing what we do and who we know. I call it ‘lead with giving.’ In this evolution of how to do business, everyone wins.” She also points to the hashtag as the anchor of the social media revolution. A single hashtag connects a conversation across Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Google+. From these conversations, communities are quickly formed; people with common interests unite, and this becomes the place where businesses conduct powerful market research. Integration, indeed.

    Vicki McLeod is a Maple Ridge Social Chick and is a business and personal coach and consultant. She will be a speaker at the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference in March, and is happy to answer your social media or business questions. Find her at www.mainstreetcommunications.ca.