• Blabbing About Blab

    Here’s the simple skinny:

    All you need is a Twitter account. If you don’t have one, create one. It’s very simple. Click here for instructions. Then:

    • Go to Blab.im where you can follow me and you will get the directions to sign up for the platform.
    • Click SUBSCRIBE to join scheduled Blabs. You can join any Blab this way. At showtime, simply go to to Blab and the broadcasts will show in the ON AIR now section. If you’ve subscribed you will receive a notification that the Blab is live.
    • By SUBSCRIBING you will also automatically get  reply of the Blab in your inbox if the host has recorded it. Nifty, right?
    • You can participate in the chat, or click JOIN NOW and to ask to come onscreen and join the conversation.
    • Stuff to know: Use a mic and a headset of some kind. Your iPhone earbuds with built in mic will work just fine.
    • You can ask question that will be highlighted in the chat by typing /q before your question
    • You can share the love by clicking ‘tell a little bird’ and tweeting live during the Blab
    • Note: Blab is not Safari friendly – use another browser, Chrome or Firefox are fine

    For more about Blab and how you might use it in your business or life, check out Episode 15-37 of the Everyday Happiness Pajama Podcast where I blab about Blab (on Blab) with Steve Dotto, Rebecca Coleman and Todd Maffin. It was my first one. Fun, right?

    I’ll also be hosting a weekly #TGIF Thriving or Surviving Business Blab. You can check out the replays by clicking here.

    Steve Dotto Todd Maffin Rebecca Coleman

    Includes how-to’s in the final segment.


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