• In one of our 2015 podcasts we take a deep dive into how to apply core personal development principles to your business or organization.

    We’re talking conscious business, folks. Commerce that is heart-centred and grounded in integrity and passion. Yummy, right?

    For what it’s worth, I share a little of my backstory – the journey with Main Street Communications and how we grew from a strategic communications and marketing company into so much more.

    Building a business is like building a house of dreams, and that is the place to start. We need to access not only the very best information and resources on business plans and strategies, we also need to access abstract wisdom and our own intuition in order to do heart-and-soul business (which is really the only kind worth doing).
    How does the busy multipreneur do that exactly? Here are five simple steps:

    1. Make time to dream
    Warren Buffet says one of his keys to success is taking time every day just to sit and think. Your business needs your dreams in order to flourish. So do you. Make room for some mindful dreamtime.

    2. Pay attention to what is being called forth
    Not sure what direction to take as your business evolves? Pay attention to what clients and customers are asking you for. They are dreaming up your business, too.

    3. Answer the call
    Hear that call? Answer it. Take the next step – no matter how small – toward what is being asked of you. You don’t have to have it all mapped out. Take action and the business gods will clear the path.

    4. Trust yourself
    You will know what’s right for you and your business. Trust your experience, instinct and intuition. You can always change direction if you start to feel lost in the bushes.

    5. Be real and know what you stand for
    Do everything with authenticity and integrity. What do you want to be known for? Where do you stand? Build your brand on what you truly stand for and you will never be ‘off-brand’.

    Tune into the episode for the deeper dive, and check out the nifty visualization in the final segment.

    Yes, this is a picture of me receiving the 2014 Business Leader of the Year award from the Chamber of Commerce in my home community. Proof positive that you *can* be a little unconventional, do conscious business in mindful, transparent way and still be recognized and validated by your peers. I did not, however, wear my pajamas to the awards night 🙂