• Leaders, this one is for you. Yes, it is kind of corny. We’ve all heard it before as a metaphor for self-care. If things get tricky in the air, put on your own oxygen mask, before you try to help anyone else. It’s a cliche because it contains a little kernel of universal wisdom. Simply put, we can’t be there for others if we’re not there for ourselves first.

    At Main Street we approach things from a holistic perspective – especially when we’re working with leaders. Too often, in the drive to realize the bold futures we imagine for our businesses or organizations, we put ourselves last. Slaves to our devices and deadlines, we neglect the company’s most valuable asset. Ourselves. We can also neglect our support systems – families, friends, and wise advisors who are standing by to sustain and nourish us — and that goes for diet and exercise, too.

    Guess what? It takes  a lot of courage to look after yourself. As a leader, we know you’ve got guts. Usually, you’re building your plane while flying it – which is pretty brave. Managing constant change and adaptation can be exhausting, though.

    Twice a year, we take two days off the grid and let go of the demands and devices that rule our day-to-day lives. We call it the #JOMO Retreat – which stands for the Joy of Missing Out – and it is a combination digital detox and mindfulness retreat. JOMO gives you breathing space – a chance to reconnect with your inner wisdom and be rejuvenated by nature and the wild outdoors. Plus, no devices, no wifi, no screens. Just you, your bum on a log, and some serious playtime.

    Wise leaders know, when your inner voice speaks, its time to listen. You can read more about JOMO here. We offer a number of workshops throughout the year geared toward personal development and discovery. They are designed to fill you up, so can pour yourself into those big bold dreams of yours.

    So put on your masks, breathe deep, and jump into some JOMO time.