• The Best of 2015: A Round Up of Social Media Resources

    March 6, 2016 | Vicki McLeod
  • With the holidays just around the corner it’s time to contemplate some downtime to dream up the upcoming year and reflect on the year that is drawing to a close. I don’t know about you, but I love to snuggle down this time of year in my flannel pajamas with a mug of something hot and delicious and surf the web, read, and catch up on new ideas.

    To get you started, this month’s column offers a round up of 2015’s best resources in the wonderful world of social media and digital marketing.

    Two platforms that grabbed headlines this year are Blab and Periscope. Both are live streaming platforms and both create very engaging in-the-moment video broadcasts. Highly interactive, we’re seeing users from around the world engage in topics ranging from industry conversations and how-to’s to political debates. You can log in to both via your Twitter accounts.

    For the goods on ‘scoping (short form for broadcasting via Periscope), one of the best resources in North America is Sue B Zimmerman. She’s also known as the Instagram Gal, so adding her to your list of top resources gives you double the insight, plus double the fun. Sue is well-known for her energetic, outgoing personality and high-quality detailed information on using both Periscope and Instagram to grow your business and your brand.

    If you are looking to jump onto the Blab-wagon, the absolute best resource is Canada’s favourite geek, Steve Dotto of Dottotech. For that matter, Steve is your go-to guy for expertise on Youtube, Evernote, Slack, and a plethora of other tech tools, apps and platforms. Steve’s star is rising and he is rapidly becoming known internationally as a tech guru. He recently teamed up with the folks at Social Media Examiner, the world’s largest online social media magazine, to offer video tutorials. Find and follow social Media Examiner to get the most current news in the social-digital marketplace.

    2015 also brought some nifty changes to Linked In, including a new app and a friendlier, more Facebook-like interface. Viveka von Rosen is the author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day and LinkedIn Security: Who’s Watching You? She is a contributing expert to LinkedIn’s official Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide, among others. Known internationally as the LinkedIn Expert, she’s your number one Linked In resource.

    Finally, in the interest of ensuring a healthy balance between your online and offline activities during the holidays, spend some of your jammie time holding an actual book. My best pick for 2015 is The Joy of Missing Out, Finding Balance in a Wired World by Christina Crook. It is both inspiring and thought-provoking, and a much-needed reminder to maintain mindfulness in a sometimes overwhelming world.

    Wishing you comfy PJs, a hot bevvie, and some helpful resources for the happiest of holidays to you and yours.

    Vicki McLeod is a Maple Ridge Social Chick and is a business and personal coach and consultant. She will join Christina Crook as a speaker at the Canadian Internet Marketing Conference in 2016, and is happy to answer your social media or business questions. Find her at www.mainstreetcommunications.ca.