• What’s hot and what’s not in 2016? Leading social media and digital marketing specialists weigh in with their predictions.

    Sean Smith, That Social Media Guy: “Video, Video, Video. 2015 saw the arrival of platforms like Periscope, Facebook Live and Blab, but I think it is only the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to personal or mobile video broadcasting. Wide scale adoption will lead to even more innovation in the delivery methods, technology and platforms. Can you say ‘Live Streaming Drones’?

    Did he say video?

    Christina - The Motherpreneur

    Christina Waschko of Motherpreneur Productions

    Sue B Zimmerman is a kind of a social media “It” girl. Where Sue goes, others follow. Sue taught the world to use Instagram. She offers specific tips on how to get the most out of moving pictures. Sue recommends real, authentic videos, 15-seconds on Instagram in a direct message to welcome new followers and give strong calls to action, and 10-second videos on Snapchat that tell an entertaining and educational daily story.

    Rebecca Coleman, of the Art of the Business, agrees. Three picks from her blog:

    Short video: Snapchat (10 seconds), Vine (6 seconds), Instagram (15 seconds). Snapchat is already at 200 million active monthly users, and Instagram at 300. Both are growing, and so are their demographics. No longer just for millenials, Snapchat and Instagram are now being used much more by 25-40 year olds.

    Live streaming video: 2015 was the year Periscope, Meercat and Blab came online, and they aren’t going anywhere. Periscope can now stream live right inside your Twitter timeline.

    Delivering longer-form content through social media: LinkedIn Publisher and Medium started it, now Facebook has a built-in blogging platform as well. The advantage of using something like this is that it often gives the reader a better experience.

    Steve Robinson of Sociovisual points in a similar direction. Says Steve, “The biggest trend is ‘meaningful content’. That would include all formats.” He adds, “… nailing the video storytelling stuff. The best way to sum it up would be that success will come to those who master the ‘2 minute long TED talk’.”

    Digital strategist Bosco Anthony supports this view setting his sights on the future of adaptive content and predicting a migration from informative content to interactive content. Says Bosco “Storytelling frontiers will affect the future of social advertising”.

    Darian Kovacs of JellyMarketing predicts brands will work more strategically and with more accountability and measurable metrics with influencers to target their audiences, and Anthony points out the that the rise of ‘dark social’, engagement that occurs off of trackable social media and web sites, will pose a significant challenge in measurement and demonstrating ROI (return on investment).

    We’ll leave the final word to Paul Holmes, co-founder of Social Media Camp, Canada’s largest social media event, who says, “I’m predicting that Twitter will recover its lost ground, and once again become a driving force in social.  Although it may look a whole lot different when all is said and done.”

    Long-form Twitter perhaps? You heard it here first.