• Business Training & Coaching

  • We work with business owners, executives, teams, businesses and organizations to help you achieve the vision you have for your life or business.  

    Why? Because the world needs engaged, committed, successful people who make a positive impact every single day. Our customized training and workshops are designed to support conscious, intentional relationships and transformative change. Sounds good? 


  • Small Business Training

  • We offer customized business training in marketing, branding, social media, leadership and  strategic business planning.  In the past few years we have worked with more than 130 businesses province-wide. We’ll train you, your staff, or your team. We specialize in helping you use the right strategies, online and offline, to build your brand and grow your business.

    Vicki is an award-winning entrepreneur and leader in the marketing and communications field, whose led a thriving small business for for more than 20 years.

    All our sessions are fully adaptable as workshops or trainings for not-for-profit organizations, teams, or private groups.

    Training and Coaching Packages

  • Executive Coaching

  • Leaders crave clarity.

    One-to-one private executive coaching gives you a chance to spend some time on the big picture, getting perspective, setting direction and evaluating success. Our co-creative sessions are completely customized and focused only on you and the results you want for yourself, your team, and your agency. 

    We’re change-makers. So are you. Carving out time to get the clarity you need to lead the change you want is one of the best investments you can make. 

    Executive Coaching Packages

  • Leadership & Organizational Development

  • Conventional understanding of the leadership role has changed, and leading-edge organizations understand the difference between personal and positional leadership and are redefining leadership in new terms based on building leadership capacity from within, defining values, leveraging the power of the system and harnessing intrinsic individual qualities.

    Vicki McLeod holds an international certification in systems coaching and a certificate in Non-Profit and Voluntary Sector Management. We offer completely customized 1:1 leadership coaching, systems and team leadership development, focused on growing systems intelligence and personal leadership in a context of wholeness and wellbeing. 

    Leadership Training Packages

  • Vicki is an absolute joy to work with. She is that perfect balance between rock solid knowledge and experience coupled with an intuitive nature that allows for exploration and synergy. She asks provoking questions that tap the heart and essence of that which we seek to know and describe. As an entrepreneur it's often hard to touch the depth of what I am offering in a way that allows for me to speak to the audience that seeks my work while always staying true to my authentic desires. I cannot recommend Vicki highly enough. She will guide you to the exact destination you seek in terms of marketing, branding and business growth, but the ride will flow with ease and grace.

    Heather White - Life Designer, Business Adviser, International Speaker, Writer