• Change Management

  • We may have no control over technological, political, social and legal changes that impact our organizations, but we can choose how we adapt and respond to change -- do we choose to see it as  threat or an opportunity?  

    At Main Street we’re committed to designing and supporting change and engagement strategies to help you transform the way you do business and engage others.

    Main Street's Vicki McLeod is a skilled facilitator, and an internationally certified coach in organizational systems, and has wide experience in helping B.C. organizations craft strong visions, focus on goals, strengthen leadership and proactively respond to internal noise and dysfunction. Her practice over the past decade has included governments, non-government organizations and small and micro-businesses.

    Where does your opportunity lie? Main Street a great fit if your organization is willing to embrace change, create positive impact across internal boundaries, and bring out the best from all members of the team. 

    Bringing out the best in your system. 

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