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    Take a seat.

    Many of the executives that come to our sessions let out a great sigh of relief as they sit down. They know they’ve (finally) carved out an hour or two from their demanding schedules to simply take time to get focused, reassess, and make choices. Our coaching model is based on deepening awareness, forwarding action and increasing the personal territory or range of options available to solve problems  or engage with work and daily life.  

    We also hold the personal wellbeing is crucial to success, so we take a holistic approach, looking at all the dimensions of a happy and satisfying life at home, work or in  the community. We focus on you, so you can focus on the Big Picture. 

  • Executive coaching sessions offer you an an opportunity to get to 30,000 feet and take the time to assess the landscape of your business or organization. This is passionate Big Picture work.

    Where are you now? Where do you want to be? What’s needed to get you there? What will sustain you (and your team) on the journey?

    Taking a holistic approach, participants identify core business and personal strengths and values, challenges and opportunities, and set clear strategic objectives and goals based on this assessment. Sessions may include:

    • Identify/clarify current business, personal and team vision or core purpose. What is the Big Prize? 
    • SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
    • Identify directions for strategic growth based on vision and aspirations
    • Devise realistic immediate, short and long-term goals and measures
    • Assess and understand core team, leadership or management qualities and skills craft a leadership or team development plan
    • Understand the role of personal wellness and self-care and devise a personal wellness plan

    Our sessions will help you create a clear vision of the ‘big picture’ for your business, yourself and your team. 

    Executive Coaching sessions are $250+gst per hour. Packages are individually designed. 

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