• We’ve worked with leaders in civic government, school districts, not-for-profits and industry. Vicki McLeod holds an international certification in Organizational and Relationships Systems Coaching and a national certificate in Voluntary and Non-Profit Sector Management. We’re specialists in change management and  are committed to accessing the wisdom of your system and supporting you and your organization to thrive.  We believe leadership comes from a compassionate heart and a rigorous commitment to positive change. 


    Change Management Samples

  • Many people shy away from leading or lead unskilfully based on a conventional understanding of the leadership role. Organizations suffer when talent goes unrealized or teams get caught in dysfunctional or unproductive dynamics. What if every individual simply led from the chair they are in?

    We work with you and your teams to understand the difference between personal and positional leadership and redefine leadership in individual terms based on personal and organizational values and intrinsic individual qualities.

    • What does it mean to lead in your life and work?
    • What qualities and attributes define leaders, or potential leaders, in many roles – at work, home or in the community?
    • How is this different from conventional notions of leadership?
    • What tools are essential in the leader’s toolkit?
    • How can we grow personal leadership muscles and at the same time take care of the most important leadership asset – people?

    We offer 1:1 leadership coaching, systems and team coaching and weekend retreats and workshops focusing on growing personal and organizational leadership and well-being. Leadership training packages are co-designed with each client or group. 


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