• Marketing & Branding

  • The terms brand, identity, and logo are all related, but each represent something different. To understand the differences, here is a simple analogy using a ‘person’ as an example.

    Logo = face. A logo is clear recognizable symbol that represents you. It is a unique representation of the organization or business in its simplest form.

    Identity = attire. Identity combines all of the visual elements that represent you. Basic components include name, logo, and colour palette and secondary components are items such as signage, business cards, and stationery.  All convey the same look and feel to achieve consistency and brand recognition.

    Brand = personality. The brand is the overall impression. It reflects the core essence at the heart of what you do, the reason for the existence of your business or organization. It is the thoughts and feelings that one experiences when thinking about you, your product, or service. A strong brand is built from the inside out. It delivers consistent, memorable experiences. 

    We help you develop your brand, finding it’s core essence and crafting the promise you are making to the world. 

  • The brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.

    Steve Jobs - Co-Founder, Apple

  • Discussion

    First, we need to get to know you, your products and services and the community, clients, or audiences you want to serve. Our conversation is the beginning of the branding process. From discussion we move to discovery.

  • Discovery

    During the Brand Discovery process we work with you, your team and your stakeholders to identify the core essence that defines your identity. We are after the elusive ‘somethingness’ that makes you unique. This is the heart and soul and where we will find your brand promise. 

  • Development

    Once we have clarity about the brand essence and promise, we begin to develop the concepts for the look and feel that will best connect your brand to the hearts and minds of your community, clients or stakeholders. We consider narrative and story development and conveying the promise you are making to the world.  

  • Delivery

    We offer the full-meal deal to design and deliver the visual identity that conveys your promise to the world. We prepare strategic and comprehensive marketing plans that include analysis, target market identification, core messages, content plans, strategies, tactics, budget and evaluation.