• Public Consultation

  • Main Street's public consultation practice is built on the belief that every company or organization can derive lasting benefits from meeting with the public, engaging stakeholders and collaborating about solutions.

    There's no denying, of course, that engaging the public can be acutely uncomfortable. Even if your project or policy proposal is relatively safe, you never know what may come up. Main Street is a leader in coaching organizations on how to present their plans, and in designing consultation formats where free and frank discussion is tempered by reason, and insights can be shared and harvested.  

    In our experience, a systematic program of stakeholder and community relations will lead you to new allies and champions, new partnerships and a better understanding of your business environment. 

    Some of our consultation projects include: The Golden Ears Bridge, Maple Ridge Town Centre, Highway 9 and Highway 11 improvements,  Prospera Centre, City of Chilliwack Healthier Communities Project, and many others. 

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