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  • Public Communications

    Conversations and engagement for communities. 

  • British Columbia presents a complicated communications environment. Services such as health, skills training and transportation are provided by a bewildering variety of overlapping agencies and private interests. Our regions are split into multiple municipalities and areas where residents express conflicting views on taxation, transportation, industry and the natural environment.  

    Main Street has worked for many years at this intersection of interests, helping clients navigate thoughtful and transparent conversations with stakeholders.  

  • We understand that confusion and conflict present opportunities for leadership and growth. We believe 'conflict is only change trying to happen.’ 

    We support organizations who seek to understand their own strengths and communicate on multiple channels, respecting the reality that different people live in different ways. We cover the full spectrum – from strategic planning through communications planning, implementation, tracking of results and evaluation.

  • Thoughtful discussion, transparent collaboration

    Main Street has represented clients in public communications across southwestern British Columbia at the level of local governments, companies and non-government organizations. 

  • Maple Ridge Arts Centre and Theatre

    As part of the municipal team that developed the Maple Ridge Town Centre civic complex, Main Street took part in discussions around the scope and configuration of the new Arts Centre and Theatre.

    Main Street was then engaged by the Ridge Meadows Arts Council to support a $2 million fundraising drive to equip the new facility, and to help plan the grand opening. Our tasks included branding the capital campaign and the Arts Centre and Theatre, producing campaign materials and supporting website development.

    After the opening in 2003, Main Street principal Vicki McLeod was enlisted to provide in-house support for the first year of Arts Centre marketing. This work included development, community media promotions, posters and displays, special events and continuing programs to build public support and engagement.

  • Redevelopment in Chilliwack

    The City of Chilliwack decided on a major program of investment and redevelopment at the historic fairgrounds west of the downtown.

    A new agricultural exhibition and trade show facility was created at the western edge of the urban area, while a leisure centre, arena complex and cultural centre were built at the old fairgrounds over a period of years.

    Main Street provided a full range of communications services including branding for the new exhibition park, and communications planning, information materials, display advertising and construction communications services for the leisure centre and arena complex.

    The fairgrounds redevelopment was initially envisioned as a single public-private partnership, and we worked with the City to communicate the benefits of this approach. The deal collapsed, and the City was required to explain the problem. The redevelopment plan had been advanced carefully and transparently, the public accepted the reversal. The project continued to construction without political mishap or protest. 

  • Ridge Meadows Recycling Society

    Ridge Meadows Recycling Society operates a recycling depot, curbside pick-up and recycling education for a population of about 100,000 people. Through its dedication and focus, the organization has made Metro Vancouver’s North Fraser sub-region a national leader in recycling and waste reduction.

    Main Street has provided strategic services to RMRS for 20 years. Building on regular strategic planning that considers Board development, volunteer engagement and community outreach, RMRS has helped the community to accept and embrace an increasingly wide range of recycling opportunities. Main Street has ‘guided from the side’ mentoring communications staff, working with the Board and supporting the award-winning agency to build internal communications capacity and respond and adapt to a multitude of changes in its industry.

    The communications program has used humour and local personalities to highlight the convenience of recycling as well as the social and environmental benefits.