• Small Business Training and Coaching Packages

    All our training sessions are completely customized so we can make sure you get exactly what you need to serve your business or organization best. We aim to build your capacity to make your business dreams come true.

  • Marketing & Branding Training

    Overview: This fully customized training series offers businesses the opportunity to assess and identify key strengths and challenges of their current branding and marketing efforts and then devise strategies for improvement.  Weekly sessions are typically 1-2 hours in length and will cover:

    • Brand identity: getting beyond the logo* and defining the voice, personality and meaning of your brand
    • Three pillars of brand awareness: focus, consistency and resonance
    • Defining the market, the message, and the medium that is right for your business
    • Identifying your ideal customer and target market
    • Segmenting the market and finding your sweet spot
    • Simple, effective, and economical tools and tactics to increase reach and brand awareness
    • Integrating digital, content marketing, and social media strategies into your marketing mix
    • Developing a simple targeted marketing plan

    Objective: Based on identified goals, participants will understand their market, clarify their brand and message, and craft a simple targeted marketing plan with tactics to increase customer reach and brand awareness.

    *We are talking the essence of you and your brand - what are you really here to do? Let’s get to the heart of it.

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     Available Start Dates: Ongoing enrolment, flexible


  • Strategic Business Planning & Goals

    Overview: These sessions are ideal for solopreneurs, small businesses or organizational partners or teams at a crossroads or looking to set new strategic directions for programs, products or services. Taking a holistic approach, participants identify core business and personal strengths and values, challenges and opportunities, and set clear strategic objectives and goals based on this assessment. Sessions may include:

    • Identify/clarify current business, personal and/or team vision or core purpose
    • SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
    • Identify directions for strategic growth based on vision and aspirations*
    • Devise realistic immediate, short and long-term goals and measures
    • Assess and understand core personal, team, leadership or management qualities and skills craft a personal, leadership or team development plan

    Objectives: Participants will have a clear vision of the ‘big picture’ for their business, themselves and/or the team. They will understand the strengths, challenges and opportunities available, and map out a simple, strategic business plan to achieve success.

    *this is our secret awesome sauce - we call goal setting, soul setting, because we know your goals have to really matter for you take the action to achieve them. Yes, you can have the best of both worlds.

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    Available Start Dates: Ongoing enrolment, flexible. 

  • Would you prefer a workshop for your team or group? We offer excellent full day or weekend sessions, tailored completely to your specific needs.
  • Social Media Basics for Business

    Overview: A basic introductory course offering insight into the best practices, benefits and challenges of using different social media platforms for business and the integrated use of social media as it applies to relationship building, networking, community building, customer service, branding, and marketing. Specific tools, tips, techniques and technical applications of each of the basic platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Google +, etc) will be introduced.

    Objectives: Clients will understand the following:

    • How social media is different from traditional media and networking
    • What differentiates each of the common platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, etc) and how to choose what is right for their business
    • The strategic approach to integrating social media into other aspects of business
    • The importance of engagement and content creation – links, photos, videos, tagging
    • Etiquettes and norms of online culture
    • Specific tips and tools to introduce and manage social media as part of the marketing mix in a business environment
    • Using social media as an integrated ecosystem driving traffic to the business website/blog as hub
    • Risks and rewards of social media
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     Available Start Dates: Ongoing enrolment, flexible

  • Social Media Not-so-Basic

    Overview: An intermediate to advanced course offering insight into how to maximize social media platforms to increase reach, engagement and sales using the features of different social media platforms and social management tools. Businesses should already be using one or more social media platforms. Special features and tools, tips and technical applications of each of the basic platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, instagram, Google +, YouTube, etc) as well as various blogging platforms will be covered in depth.

    Objectives: Clients will understand the following:

    • How to maximize the (sometimes hidden) features of platforms and applications to increase engagement
    • Applications for running online ads, contests, offers, and polls
    • Strategies for increasing reach using SEO tactics
    • How to differentiate between and select social media management tools and schedulers such as: Hootsuite, Buffer etc
    • Features of blogging platforms
    • Leveraging the business blog to increase reach and customer service
    • How to develop an annual content calendar
    • How to find your online audience/customer

     This course can be combined with Social Media Basics.

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    Available Start Dates: Ongoing enrolment, flexible