• Strategic Communications

  • Main Street has extensive experience in building communications programs for small and middle-sized organizations, especially local governments and not-for-profit agencies.  

    We work with you from facilitating strategic communications objectives, and crafting your plan right through tactical implementation. We believe in building your in-house communications capacity. We do this by identifying and harnessing the communications skills of management teams, content specialists and administrative staff, and by focusing on the audiences whose support is critical to your success.  

    We offer leading-edge advice on digital and social media strategies, but the digital revolution hasn't changed the basic nature of communications. The human face and the human voice are still your most important tools. Our plans are built on relationships of trust and collaboration. 

    Our communications goal is to help you to build awareness and trust, and create the conversations that matter with the people who matter. 

    We’re with you from the ground up. 

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